Libé1 et Libé2 bientôt et partout !

Faire bientôt une formation Libérer! 1 et une formation Libérer! 2, presque partout, sans que ce soit uniquement face à son écran : c’est possible !

Nous avons franchi le pas de faire cette formation en mode hybride, c’est-à-dire en partie par écran interposé et en partie sur site, en respectant les normes sanitaires de chaque pays. Oui, vous entendez bien, de chaque pays car les prochains Libé 1 et 2 auront lieu en même temps en France, en Suisse, à l’île Maurice, en Angleterre, etc…

Pour s’inscrire dès la mi-mars, il faudra donc pouvoir choisir un lieu pour vivre la partie « en présence ». Dans certains pays il y aura des sessions sur Zoom à la maison, et dans d’autres pays où il n’y a pas de couvre-feu, ces mêmes sessions auront lieu dans les lieux de cultes qui nous accueilleront (près de 20 lieux dans le monde).

Retenez les dates :

Libérer! 1 — week-end de l’Ascension, 13-15 mai 2021
> 2 sessions le jeudi 13 mai 2021 : l’après-midi sur site, et le soir à la maison sur Zoom
> 1 session le vendredi 14 mai 2021 : le soir à la maison sur Zoom
> 3 sessions le samedi 15 mai 2021 : le matin sur site, l’après-midi sur site, et le soir à la maison sur Zoom.

Libérer! 2 — week-end du 28-30 mai 2021
> 1 session le vendredi 28 mai 2021 : le soir à la maison sur Zoom
> 3 sessions le samedi 29 mai 2021 : le matin sur site, l’après-midi sur site, et le soir à la maison sur Zoom
> Dimanche 30 mai : le soir à la maison sur Zoom

Liberate! 1 in english (Zoom) jan-mar 2021

Jesus’ ministry of holistic liberation

Liberate! is the first of three, 9 week training on how to pray for and accompany people needing spiritual and psychological freedom. This course draws from Scripture, psychology and years of direct ministry in France and around the world to equip believers to engage in Jesus’ ministry of announcing and embodying the Kingdom of God. This training will include Biblical perspectives on human beings, spiritual authority, and identifying and addressing blocks to holistic liberation. How can the church become an effective movement of liberation and healing to bless the world

9 Sessions: Thursdays, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM (PST)
January 21-March 18

Due to the global pandemic we are offering this module as a weekly training via Zoom. If you are unable to attend the live sessions, we are offering a special course which will be uploaded for you to go through at your own pace and on your own schedule at a discounted price of $125

  • January 21: The Kingdom of God, giving us an authority for the warfare in the World
  • January 28: « What is (hu)man? » (Psalm 8) : creature, image, temple
  • February 4: Three in one, like Him
  • February 11: Psy and Spi
  • February 18: Healing (body, soul, spirit)
  • February 25: The battlefield of sex/gender
  • March 4: Care for the soul (ties, lies,…)
  • March 11: Marking, cursing, blessing
  • March 18: Authority over the creation, the soul, the demons

Entry Fee:
$150 USD* -LIVE TEACHING WEBINAR ($20.00 of which funds trainings in Africa and the Global South)

*Partial and full scholarships are available upon request for live teaching and self pace webinar. — Please contact for details.

Background and team:

Gilles Boucomont is a pastor of the Eglise Protestante Unie de Belleville (The United Protestant Church of Belleville) in Paris.

Liberate! (in French Libérer!) is a teaching ministry founded by Pastor Boucomont in 2008 in Paris.This series of courses came out of a revival of the oldest French Reformed (Presbyterian equivalent) parish in Paris, in Le Marais– near the famous Bastille. This church is a great granddaughter of the French reformer Jean Calvin who, along with Martin Luther, started the Protestant movement in the 16th century.

Spiritual renewal happened at the Marais Church as the Holy Spirit moved, empowering people with a special grace to liberate the captives and set them free. Crowds of people came to be healed, to be released of demonic powers, and be trained to share this all around the world. In a way there is nothing « new » in the Liberate! course, since it is rooted in a rediscovery of biblical and charismatic realities. But the specific gift shared through this training is to reformulate it for our generation, including valuable contributions from psychotherapy, neurology, anthropology, etc.